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Brewcraft is a mod that aims to overhaul the vanilla brewing system. It adds in a machine for the mass production of liquid potions, and poses as a much more efficient and in-depth system for the creation and modification of potions. It allows for players to not only brew their share of vanilla potions, but also amplifies the effects that can be applied to the potions, along with adding an array of our own potions, whose effects vary. That aside, several new ingredients are added into Minecraft via this mod, along with over 200 new potions for you to experiment with.

Potions | Ingredients | The Brewery |  Potion Effects


Geocraft is a mod that changes the vanilla system of ore generation to make ore more realistically distributed. Instead of all ore types being found everywhere, Geocraft will make ore spawn in small, concentrated areas called Mines. It also adds new blocks for Coal, Diamond, Gold, Iron, Tin, Copper, Silver and Lead ores, the last four of which will automatically enable themselves if Geocraft detects those metals in the ore dictionary. Geocraft also uses the ore dictionary to automatically exclude multiple forms of the same ore from generating. No matter how many different kinds of copper you have, Geocraft will only allow one to be used. Geocraft also automatically can retroactively generate ALL ores it knows about. Finally, Geocraft has lots of options to configure the generation rates and values, and adds three new types of decorative stone.

Mines Complex Ores Ore Dictionary Support | RetroGen | Configuration Stone

Liquid FuelsEdit

Liquid Fuels is a mod that. . .

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More BackpacksEdit

More Backpacks is a mod that. . .

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Securecraft is a mod that. . .

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Snowfall is a mod that. . .

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Tile Interface is a mod that. . .

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