The BreweryEdit

The Brewery is an advanced machine used in the creation of all of the potions from Brewcraft. It is a mid-late game machine, as crafting it and using requires materials from the nether and powerful mobs. It is crafted like so.


The resources required to create a Brewery are: 19 iron ingots, three cobblestone and a blaze rod. A rather sound investment.


The Brewery functions using two fluid tanks, input slots and an ingredient slot. Please read the diagram and explanation below to understand how the Brewery works.


The Brewery has an input tank for the base fluid that is used in every recipe. This fluid is any valid recipe's base fluid, including water or any potion. The input tank, marked '1' on the diagram to the left, has a capacity of 12000 mb, the equivalent of twelve buckets worth of a fluid. Fluid container items (any item that holds a fluid; however, the tank only accepts it if it has a working recipe that starts with the fluid contained) are placed in the input item slot, marked '2' on the diagram. Once you put a fluid container in said slot, the tank will fill with the amount of the fluid contained, and the empty fluid container will appear in the unlabeled slow directly below. Once the input tank has been filled, insert the corresponding Ingredients item in the ingredient slot (labeled '3' on the diagram). All recipes can here found on each individual potion's page, found on the Potions page. Once the input tank has >= 3000 mb of fluid in it, and an ingredient item is present, the Brewery will begin working.

The input tank will begin draining, and filling the output tank, labeled '5' on the diagram. The progress meter (that appears next to the ingredient slot, visually resembling the vanilla brewing stand's progress meter) will begin depleting, symbolizing the time until one ingredient item is consumed. All ingredient items, by default, last for three 'cycles' through the Brewery. This means that can be used to brew 3000 mb worth of fluid, or three potions.

Once an appropriate amount of output fluid has filled the output tank (over 1000 mb), place an empty fluid container in the collection slot (labeled '4' on the diagram), and you will receive the filled container item in the slot directly below, completing the Brewery recipe and giving you a modified/amplified version of the fluid potion you had originally inputted.

This work for all vanilla potions, with the original potion as the input fluid, and the ingredient still serving and the ingredient, along with an arrray of potions we've added. Again, all recipes can be located from the Potions page.