This page serves as a hub for locating individual pages for each potion. Enclosed is a list of potions with basic information about each.

On a side note, all recipes for The Brewery are individually included in each potion's page, and are not compiled into a master list. To find the recipe for a certain potion, click on it below to find all the recipes that CREATE that potion.

All potions have a splash variant and at least two amplified versions that can be created. Listed with the potions' names is a tl;dr version of each potion description.

Potion of Combustion, causes effected entities to explode.

Potion of Ascension, allows player flight.

Potion of Remedy, makes entities immune to certain debuffs.

Potion of Holy Water, heals entities greatly, damages undead, cures zombie villagers.

Potion of Cryogenics, freezes entities in place.

Potion of Eternal Flame, causes effected entities and the surrounding terrain to ignite.

Potion of Fire Eaters, causes entities to need fire to live.

Potion of Decay, causes entities to wither.