Potion of CryogenicsEdit

The Potion of Cryogenics is a light blue potion that inflicts the Frozen effect. It causes affected entities to become almost completely frozen to the spot where they stand, reducing their walking speed by 95%.

It is brewed from the vanilla Potion of Slowness and a vanilla snowball. It cannot be amplified, but can be elongated. When brewed with redstone dust, it can be elongated to produce a long Potion of Cryogenics, with double the duration of the original potion. If the elongated potion is brewed with a Plagued/Pure Tear (a Pure Tear, in this case), with duration quadruple that of the original.


The vanilla Potion of Slowness and a vanilla snowball brewed to create the Potion of Cryogenics.


The Potion of Cryogenics and vanilla redstone brewed to create the elongated Potion of Cryogenics.


The elongated Potion of Cryogenics and a Pure Tear brewed into the Potion of Cryogenics, twice elongated (quadruple duration)