Potion of AscensionEdit

The Potion of Ascension is a potion of a white color. It allows flight of players for a short amount of time, granting them the Flight effect. Be warned, however, if you are in midair when the potion wears off, you will not hover. You will fall to the earth below, which, from some heights can be deadly.

It is brewed from the vanilla Awkward Potion and the Golden Feather. This potion, since the Flight effect cannot be amplified, only has elongated versions. To create the first elongated version, the Potion of Ascension must be brewed with redstone dust. This doubled the duration of the ability to fly. If the elongated Potion of Ascension is brewed with the Plagued/Pure Tear (a pure tear, because Pure Tears elongated, while Plagued Tears amplify), the original time of flight is quadrupled, granting the player a full minute of flight.


The vanilla Awkward Potion and a Golden Feather used to brew the Potion of Ascension.


The Potion of Ascension and vanilla redstone dust used to brew the elongated version of the Potion of Ascension (double the duration)


The elongated Potion of Ascension and a Pure Tear used to brew the Potion of Ascension twice elongated (quadruple the original fuse)